The Red Umbrella Diaries is a feature documentary that tells the personal stories of seven diverse New Yorkers who work in different sectors of the sex trade and come together to tell their tales on stage at Joe’s Pub. Using the performances as a framing device, the film digs deep into the personal experiences of people who trade sex for a living, and illuminates the complexities and contradictions that sex workers face as they try to do right by themselves and people they care about. The storylines weave in threads that many Americans struggle with: work, family, religion, health, and community. Featured cast members are Anna Saini, Audacia Ray, Ceyenne Doroshow, Dominick, Essence Revealed, Page, and Sailor.

The film is a collaboration between Red Umbrella Project and Free Association, and is executive produced by Audacia Ray. The film premiered in September 2015 at the Portland Film Festival, screened at DOC NYC in November 2015, and won the Audience Choice Award at CineKink Film Festival in March 2016.

In My Skin

An 18 minute documentary film in which nine transgender women in New York City come together in a theater ensemble, where they write and perform a play based on their lived experiences.

Hate violence. Betrayal by loved ones. Employment discrimination. These are just some of the issues that transgender women face. Though often perceived as a bastion of tolerance, New York City is an often hostile place for transgender women to make their way and be themselves. But despite rampant stigma and discrimination, trans women survive in the city, forging community and sisterhood with women who share their experiences. “In My Skin” tells the story of a theatre ensemble made up of nine transgender women who come together to create a play based on their lives and then perform it at Joe’s Pub at the legendary Public Theatre in downtown Manhattan.

The film premiered at the Boston LGBT Film Festival in April 2014 and has screened at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (June 2014), the Queer Arts Festival in New York (July 2014), the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia (July 2014), the Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival in Fargo, North Dakota (September 2014), the Chicago LGBT International Film Festival (September 2014), and has traveled as part of the Gender Reel Festival in 2014 and 2015.

Watch the whole film below.


Audacia Ray executive produced both of these films.