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Environmental Writing

The Hopper

Short Story

A trans femme teenager is fascinated by the birds of prey at a local raptor rescue, while she tangles with transphobia at home. 

May 2024

Superstition Review

Issue 30 



Told through rumination about a favorite Catskills hike, an exploration of the rot and crumbling of human built environments, famous white men of 'conservation', and the abiding magic of the forest. 

December 2022

Necessary Fiction

Short Story


A woman takes care of fawns at a wildlife rescue while struggling with intimate partner violence at home.

May 2022

Short Stories

Cotton Xenomorph

Flash Fiction

A ghost writes a cease and desist letter to the nonprofit that manages her family's historic home.

June 2024

Litro Magazine

Short Story

A bisexual private detective seeks justice for a lesbian who is the victim of a shooting by her new girlfriend's cop ex-girlfriend.

September 2022

The NonBinary Review

Flash Fiction


An imagined motion study takes place after Muybridge's Plate 331 "Boxing," in the form of image descriptors.

September 2022

Read PDF of story here

Digital copies of Issue 29 are $5, paperbacks are $22

Queer Fables

WSQ - Nonbinary

Flash Fiction


A nonbinary person finds a cape in their apartment building and wears it on a walk around Brooklyn.

December 2023

Read PDF of story here

Buy a print issue of WSQ: Nonbinary for $25

Idle Ink

Flash Fiction


A contemporary fairy tale of spite and revenge, in which Sicilian witch fairies Feral and Fickle are reeling from the 2018 ban on adult content on Tumblr and looking for an outlet for their anger.

September 2022

Penumbra Online

Flash Fiction


A queer fable about the formation of rocks and the pressures of caretaking.

August 2022

Essays on Sex Work 

Stone Canoe

Issue 16

Creative Nonfiction


A drive to Gilgo Beach in spring 2011 for a vigil brings the injustice of the unsolved murders of isolated sex workers to the fore.

(link is to purchase journal)

May 2022

We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival 

Edited by Natalie West, with Tina Horn


Responding to the resurgence of the #MeToo movement in 2017, sex workers from across the industry... complicate narratives of sexual harassment and violence, and expand conversations often limited to normative workplaces.

(link is to purchase book on Bookshop)

Published by Feminist Press, 2021


Feminist Media Studies, Vol 9, Issue 4 

Commentary and Criticism


Documentation and analysis of how after the 2008 Elliot Spitzer scandal, sex workers challenged mainstream media reports of the scandal. Sex workers used blogs and social networking sites to provide their own accounts of events and successfully raised issues affecting them.


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